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*October 1, 2006*

Hi! Yes, contrary to the evidence, I am, in fact, very much alive. Please forgive the silence that had dawned upon this page. ^_^ I am back with updates, after harassment from some people. I am still working on pages for new artists and such, but for now, we have five new pages of Neko's fanart in the Anime section~! Also, I give her the greatest appreciation for permission to use one of her works on the welcoming page~ the original can be located on in Fanart under Anime (page 6 of Neko's art page). Thank you very much! Do visit the artist's page if you appreciate art--whether in shape, color, or creativity, Neko has reach a completely professional level. I've also updated the profile page and uploaded a new poem in Muse's Verse, called "Graveyard of Moments." Enjoy~!

*January 14, 2006*

First, I would like to apologize for waiting a century and a half until I posted the things all of you have sent me. I have no good excuse for the slow updates. I am terribly sorry~! I'll try my best to up the update process. ^_^;

...But here they are! T.K. The Lonely Warrior contributed two new poems in Muse's Verse named "My Afternoon" and "Midnight Revelation"; a piece in Muse's Prose named In Response to My "Chrono-Phobia" ; and the first chapter of his story, Tales of the: Warrior of Innocence in Muse's Legend. Under Anime in the Fanart section, we have eight new artwork by Neko (located on pg 4 and 5); also, welcome new artist Mayumi!! If you haven't already, check out her section--her art is awesome! It seems like all new fanart submitted is in color this time.

^_^ Ganbatte, minna! Thank you for allowing me to post all your hardwork.

*December 2, 2005*

New layout~! I've also thoroughly reconstructed the fanart page in the anime section. Yes, about time I got rid of the evidence of the most ridiculous html I've done in my life. I will also upload new fanart and wallpapers sometime soon. My mind is not willing to function any further with me today.

Alright. See that guestbook? Indeed, that might well be my thirty-sixth one, because not one of the services wanted to last. This one has been around for a while, but has the most annoying ads I've encountered. -.-; Refreshing seems to temporarily set them back. Please sign it anyways. Cheers!

*August 23, 2005*

I made a new wallpaper featuring Nicholas Tse--the first time a guy is used as center figure in my whole collection; look for Legacy in the Misc. I've added two proses in Muse's Prose and a poem in Muse's Verse. The first prose is Disenchantment...rather short. The other is The Tales of Never Ending, and despite the title, it is not a "tale", more like a rant of an old story...

Well, that's all for updates.

*August 17, 2005*

I made a few buttons. If you want to link my site, use either in the welcoming page. Dan made


that one for me. Arigato~! ^_^

*July 28, 2005*

Wee! New guestbook. Thanks Dan for looking. Thanks Jung for correcting the most obvious mistakes... and for finally deciding to sign.

*July 25, 2005*

First off, I would like to apologize for everyone who had to resign my guestbook. Seems like the new guestbook service failed me too, so for the time being, my guestbook will not be up--plus all entries will be gone. Please email me if you know of any good, reliable gb providers.

I've uploaded two new proses in the Literature section, Sullen Goodbye, and Through the Window (which I just completed). My profile is also updated, and I ultimately blame Akuma-sempai and our lovable Tiger Stripes for it.

Other updates... hmm...wallpapers in the Misc. section. I found two anime wallpapers I've never uploaded (both in which a certain someone found unsatisfying one way or another): Transcend from the manga From a Distant Time (Harukanaru Toki no Naka De if you must know--for god sakes stick with the English name), and Sango, from and also named respectively after a character in the anime, Inu Yasha. The fanart page in the Anime section was updated as well. After I haven't touched it for all eternity, I finally remember I had to take down and add new works for our rather...special (XD)... artist Fallon. Check them out~ the first colored art she posted so far.

*June 4, 2005*

Startling...second layout since 2003. My greatest (to say the least) thanks goes to Prokrypt, who basically help me recomposed all of my helpless coding and bring it to one piece. The tutorial got me completely confuzzled. He gave me endless advice with my first layout--two years later, I still have to depend on him. Thank you so much for your unconditional help. I also appreciate sempai for sending me all sorts of bishies--unfortunately along with other disturbing things I did not like. She gave me motivation to change the general look of the website.

*May 24, 2005*

Alright... I just uploaded a ton of wallpapers up the Miscellaneous section. They are Strangers of the Knight and Alluring Nightfall from a manga series called Vampire Knight, and Empress of the Snow, Enchanted (ver.1), Enchanted (ver.2), Angel Dusk, End of the World (ver.1), End of the World (ver.2), Yume no Naka Yume, and Soul of Music (which is only available for 1680 x 1050 computer screen by special request), all fea. Ayumi Hamasaki.

*May 8, 2005*

I am in a state of dumbfound disbelief. It is as new as it started, still. I am different in that I've never found something genuinely shocking to regret for . One day made as many years as I walked the earth, a complete mistake. What I believe in, what I convinced every troubled being into believing...a complete mistake. I admit it. Never ask me for forgiveness, old friend, as I will never ask to forgive myself. I dedicate this prose to you, sweet partner, Be Trail.

*April 2, 2005*

SamBakZa released a new flash product...a follow-up to their "There she is!" This one is called "Cake Dance". Couldn't quite stop "awww"-ing~ very well done. You can now find it in my Miscellaneous page. I also wrote something new titled Invisible Chains~ in Muse's Prose

*March 13, 2005*

Alright! I actually updated the anime section! I replaced the old manga in Scanlation Highlights with another series called Heaven by ODA Aya. So, so incredibly cute...yes, it's called shoujo for a reason--you find The Ideal who do not and will not exist outside of the series. There are 9 chapters scanlated by Korean Manhwa, but around 3 volumes are published...seems like they've been inactive on this project for a while, so...^o^; don't get too attached. I uploaded 5 of these chapters (sorry Prokrypt, I leached some of your space). Sempai, no matter what you say...Inugami is degrating compared to Tenri...XD

*February 27, 2005*

New poem by Rauko in Muse's Verse called Cursed. Remind me not to get on Rauko's bad side? ^_^;

*February 18, 2005*

Rauko, thank you for your submission! Visit Rauko's elegant works in Muse's Verse and Muse's Prose. I uploaded two more Ayumi Hamasaki wallpapers I made in Miscellaneous...one extremely popular (Heaven's Voice) and one hated ( Staged Star). *Shrug*

*January 30, 2005*

OMG...idiots!! Must see, must see--three of 'em in Miscellaneous. New wallpaper of Spiral ~ Suiri no Kizuna as well. It's a really interesting series already completed. Anyone have episodes 13+, please inform me and I'll plan a raid (do not direct me to BitTorrent, onegai shimasu).

*January 12, 2005*

Being horribly sick means I get horribly bored. Thus, new wallpaper~! "Whisper" fea. BoA Kwon.

*January 9, 2005*

My appologies to anyone who had sent literature submissions, what not, since...well, on safe side, 11-11-04, the last update. I can no longer access the old account (osuzukio@yahoo.com). All links have been updated (hopefully, and correct me if I'm wrong) to senmetsu_da@yahoo.com. Submissions will not be post unless resubmitted. Honto ni Gomenasai!

*November 11, 2004*

New wallpaper in Miscellaneous section! "Wish~Take Flight" fea. Ayumi Hamasaki. Enjoy~

*August 29, 2004*

Wow...I haven't updated the anime section in...how long ago? ^_^;; I finally did something to it, before times become hectic again--added Scanlation Highlights. I'll update manga series from time to time. Hopefully.

*August 18, 2004*

I just uploaded chapter 42 of Deviant Nature's By Any Other Name fanfic in Muse's Legend. Enjoy, for those who have been following~!

*August 6, 2004*

New prose~! Airport in literature's section. For some reason, people don't seem to realize that the pacing of the piece was based on the tape reference...and the fact that the narrator's point of being there was to watch the plane leave. Oh well~

*July 29, 2004*

Ehh... I wrote a weird prose...just sat down and wrote. As clear as...a memory? o.o Anyhow, named Into the Night in Muse's Prose.

*July 25, 2004*

New poem I wrote and uploaded in Muse's Verse of literature section (Willow).

*July 21, 2004*

Update in literature section--new chapter (41) from Deviant Nature's By Any Other Name~!

*July 19, 2004*

I fixed the petals in the prose pages a bit. Arigato Megan-sempai, and everyone else for helping out~! n_n Also changed the layout a little.

*July 16, 2004*

Server back up~! ^_^ Finally. Chapters 22-40 from Deviant Nature's By Any Other Name are uploaded. *glomps Deviation for her help* Arigato for sending me the docs~! New writer for Muse's Legend: Chris Cieslik with his original fantasy story, Chronicles of Alaria (4 chapters uploaded).

*July 6, 2004*

Alright! I've updated Muse's Legend in the literature section, finally. For now, I have fanfics by Fallon (Inu Yasha fanfic, 5 chapters thus far/uploaded), Deviant Nature (Inu Yasha and Yu Yu Hakusho crossover fanfic, 40 chapters thus far, 21 uploaded), and Aishiteru Duo (Gundam Wing fanfic, 2 chapters thus far/uploaded). I'll try to get Chapters 22+ of Deviant Nature's fanfic uploaded asap.

*July 4, 2004*

Happy July 4th~! New prose in literature section, Stars and Stripes, Entwined, posted up for the holiday. I didn't think I'll put it up...wasn't as satisfied with it compared to others, demo daijobu.

*June 27, 2004*

Art gallery updated~ new picture by Bonnie Bork; superb dragon!
^_^ Many thanks to her for letting me put this one up. I've also posted three older works in prose section of literature.

*June 26, 2004*

Literature section changed a bit: the different sections are now Muse's Verse (poetry), Muse's Prose (what it says), and Muse's Legend (stories). New poem submitted by Kawaii GW Girl (Dreams Come True). One prose at the moment (laziness dwells. ^_^ Will post others later).

*June 19, 2004*

I've taken out the Inu Yasha and Ranma galleries from the anime section. Haha~ well...haven't gotten too far with them to start with and don't think I ever will, especially after everything was lost when my hard drive died on me...

*June 18, 2004*

The "Boomba" episode have been taken out from the miscellaneous section, and three new flash files have replaced it; one by SamBakZa, another using "Wind Nocturne" from Lunar Silver Star Story, and the last about the 911 incident. Few more pictures by Fallon have been added. New artist: Bonnie Bork~! She specializes in fantasy works~ please support Bonnie when prints of her art is available!

*June 11, 2004*

Hooray~! Finally had my Furuba (Fruit's Basket) gallery uploaded. Check it out in Anime section. Also update on fanart~ welcome new artist Fallon~!

*June 1, 2004*

Update in literature section--new poetry by Carmen Phu (Wishing Upon that One Star) and myself (Spur of Moment).

*April 13, 2004*

New wallpaper~ Tenten from Naruto~! Avaliable in Miscellaneous section.

*April 11, 2004*

Goooomen~! Abandoned this site for few months...^o^ I'm back. Update on Miscellaneous section: added wallpaper section. Check them out!

*February 18, 2004*

Update on literature section--new poetry by T.K The Lonely Warrior (Incandescence). Check it out~ very nicely done.

*February 7, 2004*

Update on literature section--new poetry by Kyle Boyd (Confusion, Happiness), T.K The Lonely Warrior (Breakups), and myself (For...?)

*December 30, 2003*

Well, well, domain change again. ^_^ Please update bookmarks-- www.prokrypt.mesoazn.com/suzuki will no longer be valid. Few new things since last time's update (which is... a while back, as you can clearly see ^_^;;):
Update in anime section--just added a series of new pictures in the Hikaru no Go gallery (for every character except for Isumi), new fanart from both artist Neko and Miori; Miscellaneous section--new "mario piano" clip (WORTH CHECKING OUT!)

*November 9, 2003*

Site back up again! ^_^ Yes, it's been a while. I'll try to update anime section more often. -_-; Until then...

*August 11, 2003*

There is a new clip in Miscellaneous section. Also, I've updated fanart page; welcome new artist Miori! Neko has new art as well.

*July 22, 2003*

I've changed the look a little, and added a miscellaneous page. Somethings Will Never have Again, one of my latest poems, is also posted up in the Literature section. The url for Suzuki's Ocean Tides will no longer be www.darkstyle.mesoazn.com/suzuki, but www.prokrypt.mesoazncom/suzuki so please change your book marks.

*June 16, 2003*

Sorry for the lack of update, but it isn't entirely my fault *curses at the old hard drive for breaking down on her, causing her to lose all her data*. ^_^;; Anyways, there's an update in fanart section--new art from artists Neko and Mei; literature section-- new poems by Hubert Ma, Carmen Phu, and myself.

*May 16, 2003*

Grand Opening of Suzuki's Ocean Tides!! Some anime galleries are under constuction now, but they will be up as soon as possible.