Welcome to Muse's Prose. Here you will find a collection of works with no specific category (free write, or even random literary thoughts if you will). Please do not steal and/or edit any of these for your own use. At least have the courtesy to ask for permission if ever considering to display any of this elsewhere.


                      The Tales of Never Ending

                      Through the Window

                      Sullen Goodbye

                      Be Trail

                      Invisible Chains


                      Into the Night

                     Stars and Stripes, Entwined--Dedicated to July 4th

                     Convolute Waters

                     To Leave Behind

                     Early Spring

                     Until Destiny Decides

                     In Response to My "Chrono-Phobia"-- by: T.K. The Lonely Warrior

                     A Sudden Thought While in the Moment-- by: Rauko