Welcome to Muse's Verse, a page dedicated to poetry. Included here are poems by various poets as well as myself, listed from the new ones down to older ones . Note that all poems on this page are copyrighted by their respective owners. Please do not steal or edit any of these pieces and make it yours. Please ask for permission before using any of these.

                     Graveyard of Moments

                     The Beat of Standards


                     Spur of Moment

                     For What, What For?

                     Somethings Will Never have Again

                     Until Then

                     In a Little Light-lid Cottage

                     Because You're Here

                     When Our Eyes Got Wings

                     Another Forgotten




                     Let Courage Burn Like Flame

                     I'm Not An Angel

                     Midnight Revelation-- by: T.K. The Lonely Warrior

                     My Afternoon-- by: T.K. The Lonely Warrior

                     Cursed--by: Rauko

                     Gentle Power--by: Rauko

                     Dreams Come True--by: Kawaii GW Girl

                     Wishing Upon that One Star--by: Carmen Phu

                     Incandescence-- by: T.K. The Lonely Warrior

                     Breakups-- by: T.K. The Lonely Warrior

                     Confusion-- by: Kyle Boyd

                     Happiness-- by: Kyle Boyd

                     Untitled-- by: Hubert Ma

                     I Realize-- by: Carmen Phu