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Here is a little extra something... and, well, is just me being random. ^_^;;
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Cooking Game
Size: 1.04 MB
Think you can cook? You better think again. Make an edible cake here. Of course, directions are in Japanese, but common sense would tell you what to do. =p Anime fans: Enjoy~!

Icon Story
Size: 468 KB
Desktop icons at war!! Really cool. A Must-See.
No Picture
My Mouse... Watch Your Volume
Size: 1 MB
HAHA~! This guy is definately off key. LOL.

Super Mario--The Blindfolded Pianist
Size: 7.98 MB
This is for anyone who ever owned a Mario game. Few mistakes here and there. He played several different background tunes from the early Super Mario Bros 1 game (the regular "on land", tunnel, and star music). Almost every bg piece is included. This one is different than the one I posted in the past (longer, and different person). He gets super fast at the end. Enjoy~!

Wind Nocturne
Size: 748 KB
Reproduction of Lunar Silver Star Story's "Wind Nocturne" with adorable art and unique voice~

In Memory of America's 911 Incident
Size: 3.94 MB
Look at the title--what more is there to say? Many people have already forgotten about the 3,000 American civilians killed on that day. Here is the memory, once again; yes, it is less painful to let it rest, but it is more painful to let it brush by and taken for granted. Screw the propaganda, to hell with the agenda crap for a moment. These are facts in full blown colors. If this is considered a conspiracy for patriotism, what of the anti-American sentiments being continuously promoted by the mass media through constant glory over Abu pictures of Iraqis tortured in prison?

Idiot 1
Size: 919 KB
That's it. That's the shortest, funniest thing I've ever seen, and for an understandable reason, I feel no sympathy at all.

Idiot 2
Size: 454 KB
Guys, don't mimic your partners.

Idiot 3
Size: 888 KB
Gum ge saw lo dai yat chee geen!!!

Size: 1.90 MB
Four words: This...is...so...cute!! Extremely good pacing with the graphics and music. Watch at your own risk~ you'll fall in love with it.

Cake Dance

Size: 7.43 MB
Chapter two of the previous clip. If you like the previous...you won't regret seeing this one. Absolutely adorable, to say the least.